Google is coming to a living room near you.

At the Google I/O conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, Google outed a uniquely designed device, the ball-shaped Nexus Q.

Defined by Google as a “social streaming media player,” the Nexus Q runs on the Android platform and lets users stream music, movies and more from their cloud-based Google Play accounts.

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Google Unveils Nexus 7 Tablet

Google at its I/O 2012 media event on Wednesday outed a new Android-powered device, the Nexus 7 tablet.

The device will run Android 4.1 (aka Jelly Bean), the latest iteration of Google’s operating system for phones and tablets.

Google showed off some of the tablets meaty specs, including a 1,280x800 display, a Tegra 3 chipset with quad-core CPU and 12-core GPU, dual webcams (1.2-megapixel rear-facing camera), WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, NFC capabilities and more. The device weighs in at only 340 grams.

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How I Legally Watched HDTV For $0 Per Month

Free TV! Boxee Box With Live TV Tuner Delivers HD Shows For $0 Per Month

Over the past several weeks, my television has been receiving high-definition feeds of ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS, even though I haven’t paid Comcast or Time Warner Cable a single penny for service. I feel as though I’m committing some sort of crime by getting such a crisp picture on my big-screen Bravia without the cable company’s consent — I imagine the Comcast-stapo will be busting down my door any day now — but actually, what I’m doing is totally legal, thanks to a new gadget that accesses high-definition TV with no need for a cable subscription.

Free TV! Boxee Box With Live TV Tuner Delivers HD Shows For $0 Per Month

This magical television-summoning device is called the Live TV Tuner. It’s a special little antenna from Boxee that can save you a whole heap of money on your cable bill while still letting you watch your favorite shows live and in HD.

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PHOTOBOMB: Facebook Makes Big Announcement

Facebook’s rocky initial public offering hasn’t stopped life at the world’s biggest online social network. On Thursday, the company unveiled a camera app for the iPhone.

The app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and works like most other camera applications for smart phones. To take a photo, you tap a camera icon in the upper left corner of your screen, aim and shoot. You can then add filters, crop or tilt your photo, and share it on Facebook.

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Could social networks be the key to dating sites that work?

For years, online dating sites have promised that their almighty algorithms could turn strangers into soulmates.

But recent research suggests that their love-engineering is about as foolproof as flirting with random people at a bar, and a new breed of dating sites are using social networks, rather than science, to help singles find romance.

Online dating services such as and are looping singles’ friends into the matchmaking process in an effort to connect people to each other’s acquaintances and keep suitors from weaving the kind of elaborate fictions that characterize many profiles on traditional dating sites.

"Facebook has created a shift from online dating to social dating," said online dating expert Julie Spira. "Facebook technically could be the world’s largest dating site. And if you look at these new players, they’re taking advantage of the fact that they have this fabulous universe of people."

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We’re keenly aware that when we develop and make something and bring it to market that it really does speak to a set of values. And what preoccupies us is that sense of care, and what our products will not speak to is a schedule, what our products will not speak to is trying to respond to some corporate or competitive agenda. We’re very genuinely designing the best products that we can for people.
— Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief designer

Ive was knighted on Wednesday

Hate Those Distorted Text CAPTCHAs? Here’s A Fun Solution

If you’ve signed in to almost any website on the Internet, you’ve probably encountered a dastardly CAPTCHA. A CAPTCHA is a common security tool that asks you to type the words or letters you see in a box to prove you’re a human; those words or letters are usually swirled or mangled, difficult for a computer or bot to make out but hypothetically easy for a human to read.

captchaA typical CAPTCHA.

I say “hypothetically easy” because these mangled-text CAPTCHAs can often be frustrating, even impossible, to decipher. (There’s a Tumblr dedicated solely to so-called “CAPTCHA Fails”.) So thank goodness a new company, Are You A Human, has come up with what seems a much more elegant solution: Instead of attempting to decipher some indecipherable text, you are asked to defeat a simple arcade game to prove that you are real.

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Facebook Plunges… Again

Womp womp.

Facebook’s shares fell again on Tuesday, leaving them down nearly one-third from Friday’s highs as questions mounted over the company’s financial prospects and its ability to grow fast enough to meet the hype surrounding its stock.

After Friday’s nearly flat close and Monday’s 11 percent plunge, the stock tumbled again Tuesday — 4.2 percent to $32.60 in the first 90 minutes of trading. That was a decline of 28 percent from Friday’s high of $45, but well off its lows of the morning.

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Wait, this is awesome. Leap gesture control lets you direct your computer without even touching it. And it’s affordable.

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